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Glocalite®, a division of Glocal International Limited, specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing of lighting products and solutions since 2006.  It is our goal to be the premier producer of energy conservation products, serving the global market and responding diligently, timely and efficiently to the urgent demand for energy savings, and inspire the concept of ““Smart and Green”.

Since then, based on the latest T5 & energy saving technology, we have developed a line of T5 retrofit, T5 Fixture, T5 lamp, energy saving light bulb, LED retrofit as well as LED light bulbs for parks, campuses, industrial facilities and architectural applications.

Our agents and our engineer team will carefully assess clients specific needs so we can design, engineer, and build the most cost-effective renewable or lighting system that also provides maximum results for them.

Be smart for every dollar you spent and Go green by adapting the energy saving products and systems, call us today.


"Save Energy, Save Planet - The future is in your hands"


In Glocal, we believe that Green concept is achievable and practical. From R&D, sales distribution, we ensure you can save your energy cost immediately and your payback period is short.

Be Smart, Go Green.


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