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  T5 RETROFIT      
    High Efficiacy Retrofit: T5R-14W, T5R-21W, T5R-28W, T5R-34W  
    High Output Retrofit: T5R-39W, T5R-49W, T5R-54W, T5R-80W  
GlocaliteT5 Retrofit is designed to overcome the problem of different length and pins against conversional T8. The conversion can be done with no specialists. It adapts the latest T5 technology by the high power factor electronic ballast to consume less energy, improved illumination, and longer maintenance intervals -- resulting in significant ecominc saving.
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  - Plug-n-Save: Install installation, no wiring work, and simply plug on Glocalite T5 Retrofit to save your electricity immediately.  
  - Long retrofit lifespan & long lamp lifespan.  
  - Cost Efficiency: Minimal installation fee, low maintance cost thorugh lamp lifespan, short payback period.  
  - Energy saving up to 52%  
  - Optional Reflector  
  - Better ballast quality: High power factor (0.9 ~ 0.995)  
  - Better ballast quality: Low total harmonic distortion (<10%)  
  - Better light quality: Flicker-free illumination and silent operation.  
  - Better light quality: Color rendering (Ra) is greater than 85.  
  - Eco friendly: 38% less glass and phosphorous than T12, only 5mg of mercury.  
  - Eco-friendly: Less energy consumption and reduction in CO2, SO2, and NO2.  
  - cUL & CE approved  
  - 2 year warranty period for fixture & 1 year warranty period for lamp  
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  Model - Power - Voltage / Lamp Options   Lamp Options  
  Example: T5R - 28W - 120 / 4100K   3000K, 4100K, 5000K, 6500K  
  Example: T5R - 14W - 230 / 6500K     
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